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About Us

We are family owned and operated. We are committed to providing the highest quality flowers, plants and gifts available at the fairest price possible. Every customer is very important to us and we strive to give our utmost professional attention to every single order. Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service and creativity. 

Our designers have a combined experience of over 40 years in the floral industry!  The owner, Tracie Hawks, NCCPF is a North Carolina Certified Professional Florist having finished 9 classes, a hands on class and the state exam. Tracie was pinned in 2023 at the North Carolina State Florists convention in Greensboro, NC. "I started out working at another florist in town 29 years ago then my parents, Joe and Debbie Bowman bought the shop and I worked for them for years.  I took a break when my kids were in elementary school so that I could do all the school things with them and have time to enjoy them playing ball. I took over the shop from my mom and dad in 2021 when they retired.  I have always said, when the floral bug bites you, theres nothing else that compares to it."  Tracie lives in Mount Airy with her husband, Chris.  They have 2 sons and a grandson.

"I love the floral industry, I enjoy the creativity and I enjoy creating things that mean something to others" - Tracie

Shop Manager, Stephenie Willis has been in the floral industry for 10 years.  She worked for the former owners.  "Stephenie is my right hand, she keeps everything and everyone in the shop in line.  She's a wonderful person and a great designer.  I don't know what I'd do without her!  I call her my sister by another mister" - Tracie

Stephenie is a native of Virginia and attended Patrick County High School, she currently lives in Cana with her husband, Jessie and their 3 children.

" I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work everyday. I love letting my creativity shine through my work.  My favorite arrangements are the ones that customers tell me to make what I like and do what I do. I think making wristlets is one of the things I like best." - Stephenie

Debbie Bowman is one of the former owners of the shop and currently works part-time as a delivery driver. "Mom is a good delivery driver because she pretty much knows where everything is.  She knows how to handle the flowers and helps out inside the shop when needed. She'll say, I know where it is, I've delivered there for years"

Roger Bedsaul is a Mount Airy native and also works part time as a delivery driver.  "Roger is a great asset to us because he formerly worked for Surry County and knows where all the roads are!  He is a great delivery driver and a great help inside the shop.  He will absolutely do anything to help out, from taking out the trash to watering plants"

Carmen Smith is a Cana, Virginia native and works part time. "Carmen came to us last year and helps out with deliveries as well as helping out by answering the phones and waiting on customers, she is super sweet and great to work with.  She is also a great organizer and if you've ever been in a florist you know it needs all the organization possible."

Last but not least, Miss Kitty.  Alot of our customers will come in just to see Miss Kitty.  Usually she spends her day either sitting on one of our tables or curled up out front in the sunshine. She showed up one day at the shop about 14 years ago.  She was pregnant, so we took her in. She had her 3 little babies and then we had her spayed.  She lives inside the shop but comes and goes outside as she pleases.  She loves "cookies" and gets the treats by the handfuls daily.

Whether you need flowers delivered around the world or just around the corner, we're here to help. Our experienced team is always happy to help you select the perfect floral expression. 

Simply let us know your list of special occasions you wish to be reminded of and we won't let you forget them. Our staff will be happy to notify you of special dates or occasions by email or phone. Call today and give us your list, or register online and set one up today! We won't let you forget anyone!

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